07.09. bis 06.10. 2018

Nature in the age we are living in is changing a lot: human intervention sometimes destroyed it and the idyll between human being and nature doesn‘t exist anymore, at least in the areas where population density grows up. We are living in a kind of caos: natural environment around us, either wild or cultivated is changing a lot, under the pressure of urbanization, politics or climate change issues; people know this is a not-coming-back-process, and photographers and art can be useful by making a reflection about what is going on and trying to stop some frames of the imaginary movie called “nature and landscape”.

Four italian photographers investigate in very personal and original ways the state of nature in our times:

Stefano Parrini analyzes the twisted relationship between globalization and exploitation of natural resources through a series of tragic-ironic photos inspired to the land art and Margherita del Piano feels the need to freeze small fragments of plants in an oval shape. Freezing seeds, twigs, buds, flowers, petals, small leaves and fruits is a way to preserve them with the help of a picture. Sofia Meda takes pictures of little plants or fragments of flowers in greenhouses where nature seems small and silent, just whispered, while Pierluigi Fresia describes scenes with images of different thoughts and complete stories that already exist in our minds.

Annamaria Belloni